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Discovering the Joy of ParentingDiscovering the Joy of Parenting was developed by Barbara Bauman (Asian Access Japan) and Saori Tatsuno (fellow church member and Japanese ministry partner) during seven years of leading parenting classes with Japanese mothers. It is published in a fully bilingual English/Japanese format (with the exception of our downloadable English outlines). Books can be ordered directly from Family Forum Japan or through Christian bookstores in Japan. To see the table of contents, read the usage suggestions, and view lesson one in both Japanese and English, please take advantage of our downloadable sample portion.

Discussion questions at the end of each lesson encourage interaction with the biblical principles. Each lesson includes a simple one page outline of the lesson in Japanese with room for notes. English outlines are available as a free download.

Revised edition. ©2007, standard B5 , soft cover, 137 pages.

Endorsements for Discovering the Joy of Parenting

This has been one of the most useful books we’ve found for raising our own children. It brings in the element most lacking in parenting in Japan—JOY! We have used this book in parenting classes with mothers and fathers for more than 10 years. The content is accessible and practical even for those who come into contact with the Bible for the first time.

—Kenichi Shinagawa, General Secretary, Japan Evangelical Association


品川謙一 総主事 日本福音同盟

Insightful, practical, and based on the Scriptures. We have used this book numerous times in our church’s monthly Parents and Toddlers class and found it very helpful.

—Mizue Uchida, pastor’s wife, Maebashi Christ Church (JECA)


内田みずえ 日本福音キリスト教会連合 前橋キリスト教会 牧師夫人

Discovering the Joy of Parenting offers positive, user-friendly, and practical content for parents, grandparents, and all who work with children. This book is a precious gift to the Japanese family.

—Timothy Cole, Education Director, Family Forum Japan

見つけた!子育ての喜び はお父さん、お母さん、おじいちゃん、おばあちゃんたちに肯定的な、プラクティカルで、使いやすい内容を提供しています。この本は日本の家庭への素晴らしいプレゼントです。