Bible Study Ministries resources

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A series of English Bible Class texts developed over the course of Dolores “Dee” Wirz’s 40-year ministry career that began in Japan in 1975 with Asian Access.

Japanese explanations are included in the texts. You may download and print as many copies of the linked scans as you need for your classes.

The texts are listed in general order of difficulty.

General studies


  • People Who Met Jesus

    Focuses on people in each of the four Gospels and how their lives were changed after meeting Jesus. Excellent study for beginning students.

  • People Who Met Jesus (teacher’s guide)
  • Who Is God? (Genesis 1–3)

    Based on the first three chapters of Genesis and the first chapter of John. God is introduced as Creator, Provider, Lord, Communicator, Judge and Savior.

  • Who Is God? (teacher’s guide)
  • Highlights in the Life of Jesus

    A selected life of Jesus from birth to resurrection. Both his human and divine natures are examined, as well as his desire to give us eternal life.

  • Highlights in the Life of Jesus (teacher’s guide)
  • The Parables of Jesus – Kingdom lifestyle & values

    God’s kingdom values and how they should affect lifestyle are brought into focus through a study of Jesus’ parables.


  • Introducing Jesus – “I am” statements from the Gospel of John

    A personal introduction to Jesus through his “I Am” statements. Outreach questions are included in each lesson which will cause students to reflect on their own relationship with Jesus.

  • Introducing Jesus (teacher’s guide)
  • Encounter with the Living God – Excerpts from the life of Paul

    A study of Paul’s encounter with the living God and how it changed his life and the lives of others.

  • The Story of Ruth

    Provides a vivid picture of God’s sovereignty and providence, as God works out His plan in His time and way.


  • RealPrayers

    The prayers of seven well-known Old Testament characters as well as two of the prayers of Jesus and one of Paul.

Seasonal studies


  • Holiday Bible Lessons – Celebrating selected American holidays around the year

    A brief overview of Western holidays throughout the year in both Japanese and English. Bible lessons are built on themes related to a holiday selected for each month.

    The book covers:
    • January – New Years Day
    • February – Valentines Day
    • March/April – Good Friday & Easter
    • May – Mothers Day
    • June – Wedding Celebrations
    • July – Independence Day
    • August – Vacation Days
    • September – Labor Day
    • October – Halloween
    • November – Thanksgiving
    • December – Christmas

    Supplementary Material

    • Friendship Mixer

    • St. Patrick’s Day Mixer

    • Thanksgiving Message

    • Thanksgiving Day Activity

    • Christmas Bingo

    • Candy Cane Story

  • Announcing Christmas

    Five lessons that take the student through: 1) the announcement of the birth of Jesus to Mary, 2) to Joseph, and then 3) covers the birth of Jesus, followed by 4) the announcement of the birth to the shepherds, and then 5) to the wise men.


  • A Great Light

    Three lessons that take the student through: 1) God’s plan for sending the Savior, 2) the birth of Jesus, and 3) the wise men finding the Savior.

Not sure how to download the texts? Place your cursor over a title and click. If it opens in your browser rather than as a separate PDF, right/click (Apple users – control/click) and select “Save as” to download to your computer.